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Megalodon:Hunting the Hunter by Mark Renz


For everyone who has written us over the years asking why a book on the mighty Carcharocles megalodon hasn't been written I present this outstanding book. This book covers anything and everything about MEG and is written in a light-hearted (but still scientifically sound) style. Mark Renz consulted with most of the top experts in the field while researching this one and came up with a very thorough book covering all the essentials (where and how to find teeth, what they looked like, size, shape, diet, extinction, etc.). This book also contains a lot of great artwork and a ton of detailed photos (there is even a color section in the middle that shows some world-class fossil specimens). A lot of work by a lot of people went into this one and the quality shows!! This is an absolute MUST HAVE book for any MEG enthusiast or collector!!!
159 pp. - *Difficult book to find, we are one of the few who still have it for sale so do not wait*

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