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Length : 6 7/8"

Width : 5 1/8"

Condition : Serrations worn, Professional Restoration

Remarks : OK - first off this tooth DOES HAVE PROFESSIONAL RESTORATION WORK DONE which is the only reason it's priced less than $10k. About half of the enamel on the display side has been restored and most of the enamel on the flat side has been restored which is pretty substantial. And it looks amazing!!! BUT what are you getting out of this tooth? This tooth is one of, if not the, single largest teeth on the market (and yes, there are a couple of 7" megs out there with 1" or more of restoration to stretch the tips and those are not even worth counting). This tooth is 6.88" long now and was 6.86" when found. I haven't even had one to sell this size in YEARS (maybe 10 or more???). Only a handful of people in the world have a tooth this size in their collection. There are numerous pictures here showing the tooth as it appears now and as it appeared when found. There's nothing to hide - it is what it is and that's something quite impressive!

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