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Length : 5 13/16"

Width : 4 1/2"

Condition : Sharp serrations/tip

Remarks : One of a kind tooth here - AMAZING colors in the enamel and razor-sharp with a perfect tip. This is a difficult tooth to price as I really can't tell whether or not there has been any repair work done to the root. The root (whole tooth really) is quite light (not densely fossilized) which is uncommon for teeth from the limestone deposits in Indonesia. However I've seen this on a handful of completely natural teeth from here and they all exhibit the same characteristics. So my best guess is that the left corner may have been cracked and very lightly repaired with natural materials filling in a small part of the crack. However it could also be totally natural just so hard to tell on this one. Pricing it as if it's repaired to be fair but this is a $1500-$2k tooth with this blade and rare coloration if it's not.

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