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5 Foot Megalodon Jaw

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One of a kind large 5 foot wide megalodon jaw with 135 authentic fossil teeth ranging from appx 4 1/2" in length (anterior teeth) down to appx 1 1/2" (posterior teeth). Jaw itself is a fiberglass frame with all teeth expertly placed into accurate positions and put into place with a fossil colored epoxy (very solid, these teeth are in there).

The overall dimensions of the jaw are 53” Tall X 63” Wide X 24” Deep. The upper jaw contains 12 teeth on each side (24 each row for 2 rows then 21 teeth in the third row) and the lower jaw contains 11 teeth on each side (22 each row for 3 rows).

The teeth are layered in 3 rows for a completely realistic and visually impressive display. Tooth quality ranges from sharply serrated (most) to water worn and most are gray in color with some brownish tones thrown in. Eye bolts are sturdily attached to the frame for ease of hanging/display.

This jaw is from an old collection and was originally built by our old friend, the (in)famous Vito Bertucci, appx 15-20 years ago when teeth were more plentiful to find. Today it would be extremely difficult to be able to acquire enough teeth to build a comparable jaw and the price would be much higher.

Please contact us for pricing information. This is a large and heavy display item that will require special delivery (can be discussed). These jaws with real megalodon teeth are few and far between on display and make for a very special addition to a private collection or a huge money making potential (both in terms of attendance and especially photography revenue) for a museum or aquarium and typically do not last long when we are fortunate enough to get a real one in stock.


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