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Wholesale Shark Teeth

While we've never promoted it on the Web before our primary business for the past 15+ years has been the private wholesale supply of shark teeth to other resellers. Be it other Web pages, auction sites, gift shops, flea markets, social media, etc......if you can sell it we can supply it for prices where you can make a good profit. The markets have changed a lot over the years but one thing hasn't - if you can't get stock then you can't sell and make a living. We're lucky to have a steady supply of teeth coming in on a regular basis and buy in huge quantities for the best possible prices.......which likewise enables us to be able to sell in bulk. We think you'll agree our prices are more than competitive with anything else you can find in the wholesale market and our grading is very consistent and above average.

This catalogue will provide items specifically for wholesale customers but can be purchased by anybody (no resellers license required). However what you will notice is that you cannot buy just "one" of any item as the only way to provide these prices is to sell in quantity. The more you buy the better the prices can be which is the only way to be fair to our largest wholesale customers. If you are interested in "mix and match" of different sizes then CONTACT US and we'll work out pricing.

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