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Modern Shark Teeth For Jewelry

The products in this catalogue are not fossils but teeth from modern sharks (mostly Bull Sharks) that originate in the Indian Ocean. For years we went back and forth about offering these for sale as we have strong feelings about animals being killed for some stupid trophy. These teeth are from sharks that are not CITES listed and are 100% legal to trade and legally imported with a USFWS import license. But something being legal and ethical is a fine line. Bottom line is that these sharks are being caught primarily for food and nothing is being wasted including the teeth. These sharks were not caught for their jaws, they were not finned and dumped back in the ocean but literally every part of them consumed and/or used in one way or another.

These teeth have been professionally cleaned and are 100% pure white and perfect quality. They are used primarily for making jewelry (either by wire-wrapping, drilling, or capping) and you've seen them for sale in almost any oceanside gift shop in the world. Our prices on these are pretty much unbeatable and the profit margins for jewelry makers can be quite substantial. Most orders include an equal mix of upper (wider) and lower (more t-shaped) teeth.

These teeth are for sale to customers in the United States ONLY and no international orders will be accepted. While we do carry a legal export permit to ship worldwide the paperwork and hassle involved simply is not worth the effort and we do apologize for not offering these outside the US

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